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Our company enters the IoT Era by creating a disruptive Outdoors Smart Assistant Robot, running on HOVEROS™ => A New Mobile Robotic OS and Commercial Platform for Apps and Services to run on It, while addressing the humans need of protection from environmental conditions in a more natural way technology allows us today; thus, allowing you to have the best possible protection in an automated fashion: "DroidBrella, ...The best shade possible, ...At your glance's command"™

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DroidBrella Tech.'s First Patent Certificate..
DroidBrella Tech. members receiving utility patent certificate at Albert Bordas, P.A. an IP Law Firm based in Miami FL. info@bordasiplaw.com
About DroidBrella™ Technologies, Inc.

We have created the concept of the first "Automated Hands-Free Umbrella" (Patented in US and EPO), controlled by the User's Intention to Move.

HOVEROS™ is a new Robotic Operating System created by our company, designed to serve as the "Core Platform for All Hovering Things", which makes Hover-OS disruptive for being the first of its class.

While being the back-bone for our technologies, HOVEROS™ will open a new horizon for Smart-Hovering-Devices to exist and to serve our modern civilization: Hovering Shelters in boulevards and open spaces, Smart Canvas and Hovering Tents in outdoor festivals, or at the beach, Hovering In Place Covers in the front of a cafeteria or at a restaurant's back-yard tables.. And personal DroidBrella devices everywhere around you..

"DroidBrella Consumers' Hovering Commercial Platform (CHCP)"™ is our product's marketplace integrated with HOVEROS™; and will allow apps and services to be consumed by DroidBrella™ users, while being assisted during their outdoors activities.


3D Pose Tracking, Voice + Gesture Based HMI, and Robotic Kinematics in a Fluid Medium, is Our Core Proposition

Get ready to leave your smartphone device at home, and to start enjoying outdoors activities as a hands-free assisted experience, while being protected from environmental conditions and still online-connected to all the exciting apps and services we are used to in our modern society.

Things like: "DroidBrella please, ...adjust your speed for my morning jogging routine." OR "DroidBrella please, ...get me directions to the street music festival." OR "DroidBrella please, ...call mom." will become part of our daily lives once this disruptive product starts its commercialization phase.

Our Progress

Intellectual Property

Our company was officially founded on 03/02/2016, the date it submitted Its Utility Patent application for the world first "Automated Hands-Free Umbrella". We were working on the concept for such invention from years prior to submission until we finally did, disclosing invention details and later follow up with the USPTO patent application process. In less than a year we received favorable communications on our application from the Patents Office, and our patent was finally granted with issued date 03/28/2017.

We pursued patent international protection by submitting PCT applications in Europe and Japan. The Japanese Examiner without denying our invention, kept producing meaningless arguments in bad faith to dry us in purposeless legal process without ever granting it. We dropped it in Japan.

The European Patent Office (EPO) in Netherlands accepted our amendments in reply to the Spanish Examiner's objections, and finally has granted the patent. The European Patent Office published our patent on: 04.11.2020 - Bulletin 2020/45.

For us to keep control of our Products and Services in the region, we have started the EP Validation process in the following EPO Member States: Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Principality of Liechtenstein.


From the idea's conception day, our team has been relentlessly working on the feasibility for such invention with today's technology, planning, researching and sorting all kind of actual and possible to exists obstacles, as well as technology challenges to overcome in order to create our POCs, working prototypes, and subsequent MVP.

So far, our online presence has been worked out at some extent, conceptual animated videos on the invention have been produced and published to gain some traction and feedback from interested enthusiast people from around the globe, initial POC phase complete, and currently hardware and software core is being develop under iterative design and engineering implementation phases as part of respective Software AND Hardware Product Development Life Cycles.


At the time we are expanding our IPs in EPO member states, we were able to secure some collaboration with confidential parties interested in our Products and Services. Such collaboration is allowing us to focus on completing subsequent iterations of our Design and Engineering Prototypes which moves us towards the realization of our functional MVP.

Once we get our MVP and required regulatory certifications, we'll be able to launch our pilot manufacturing operation for the very First Generation of DroidBrella™ devices. Based on those milestones we'll be able to cement our footprint as the company who first commercialized a Personal Outdoors Smart Assistant Robot of this kind, and HOVEROS™ will be the "Core Platform for All Hovering Things".

You can visit our Startup Profile for Investors, and also contact us directly  admin@droidbrella.com if interested on knowing more about our startup, and possible opportunities for business with us.